You're my kinda everything~
Name: Kim Jonghyun
Profession: Singing
Birthday: April 8, 1990

R/S: I'm insanely in love with him~
Engaged to my yeobo as of 1/20/13~

(This is an anon account.)
18+ content, if I'm in the mood....

"If you ever had to leave, I would follow you. I would never let you go."

"Don't side with anyone else, you are mine!"

I just wanted to say Hi, that’s all


Yeobo, today is our one-month anniversary~ 

Which is great and all, but I don’t care for anniversary’s because all they are are just a celebration of being together for a certain amount of time, but we’ve both established that we are forever so there is no point….

BUTTTT I’m going to take advantage of this to attempt to put a smile on your face~

Yeobo, remember the day we first met? I made you make me food, and I wanted you to take me shopping, which lead to our first date..

That day is the most memorable day of my entire life so far, because that day I realized that there is no one else in the world that could possibly make me want to spend the rest of my with other than you! From the start, I was able to be myself around you and say what I want, and when you showed interest, my heart raced and there was no happier puppy than me in that moment..

And when you asked me to be your boyfriend, that just threw all the last pieces of the puzzle in and glued it all together with forever-lasting glue, I vowed never to chase you away or make you unhappy or leave you, because I knew I had to have you in my life forever

Okay that’s all I really have to say other than I love you, motherfucker~

time: 20 August 2012, 3:05am
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